The Tale of a Women’s Coup

“The Tale of a Women’s Coup: How the Indigenous Women of Michoacán overthrew a Criminal Cartel” – a mini-documentary produced…

Al Pendray: The Wootz Hunter

A country blacksmith rediscovers an ancient sword making technique that has eluded the world’s greatest metal scientists for centuries.

Tour guide: Hugo Kohl

Through years of painstaking, costly, and often fruitless detective work, Hugo Kohl has rescued an era of early American jewelry…

Bob Kramer: “The Fire Inside”

Visit Bob in his studio where he discusses how he became a Master Bladesmith and the founding of his reputation as the premier kitchen knifemaker in the country.

Bob Kramer’s “Essential Line”

Bob Kramer discusses some of the choices he has made, and the eclectic path that led him to spend his days examining the metallurgy behind a kitchen knife.

Anthony Bourdain visits Arion Press for Raw Craft

Anthony Bourdain travels to San Francisco to visit Arion Press. One of the last of its kind, this old-world printing shop has one of the most extensive collections of traditional lead type and bookbinding machinery in the world. Episode directed by Rob Meyer.

Ancient Georgian traditional Qvevri wine-making method

Qvevri wine-making takes its name from the tradition’s giant, earthenware vessels, the Qvevri. For centuries, wine has been fermented and stored in these vessels in villages and towns throughout the eastern European country of Georgia.

Bob Dewhurst: Vintage Sign Painter

Once a disappearing breed, painters of hand-made signs are enjoying a small renaissance. Bob Dewhurst demonstrates his work and lets us visit his shop–a densely equipped trailer in the remnants of industrial San Francisco.

Jennifer Kamenetz: Jewish Scribe

Jennifer Kamenetz, one of the very few female Jewish scribes in the world, demonstrates the way Jewish texts are lettered–a procedure that has not changed for thousands of years.

The ChromaBender: an all-new blues harmonica

X-Reed Harmonicas was the first company to essentially re-invent a blues harmonica designed specifically for note-bending. Here, one of its founders demonstrates the “ChromaBender,” X-Reed’s hybrid chromatic-diatonic harmonica.

Solo performance by Michael Montenegro

This performance by master puppeteer Michael Montenegro is a masterpiece of performance art – perhaps one of the more complex depictions of a puppeteer’s relationship with his puppet ever done. It’s also wonderfully funny.

Michael Montenegro, master puppeteer, at work

Michael Montenegro’s puppets seem thrown together in a rush, with a random mish-mash of material. Yet underneath the chaos, as you will see in our short documentary of Montenegro making a puppet, lies a careful purpose.

Papito and his 1957 Chevy

Jesus “Papito” Hernandez spent “his entire life” saving up$7,000 to buy this car. Then he spent 5 years reconstructing it. Watch him tell his remarkable story in our mini-documentary here.