Bob Kramer’s “Essential Line”

Bob Kramer discusses some of the choices he has made, and the eclectic path that led him to spend his days examining the metallurgy behind a kitchen knife.

Anthony Bourdain visits Arion Press for Raw Craft

Anthony Bourdain heads to San Francisco to meet with Andrew Hoyem, master typographer and printer of Arion Press. One of the last of its kind, Arion Press has one of the most extensive collections of traditional lead type and bookbinding machinery in the world. Episode directed by Rob Meyer.

Ancient Georgian traditional Qvevri wine-making method

Qvevri wine-making takes its name from the tradition’s giant, earthenware vessels — the Qvevri — in which wine is fermented and stored in villages and towns throughout the eastern European country of Georgia. The tradition has been passed down for centuries of communal harvesting and wine-making activities.

Bob Dewhurst: Vintage Sign Painter

Once a disappearing breed, painters of hand-made signs are enjoying a small renaissance. Bob Dewhurst demonstrates his work and lets us visit his shop–a densely equipped trailer in the remnants of industrial San Francisco.

Jewish Scribe

Jennifer Kamenetz, one of the very few female Jewish scribes in the world, demonstrates the way Jewish texts are lettered–a procedure that has not changed for thousands of years.

Charlie Musselwhite w/ Richard Bargel

Blues Legend Charlie Musselwhite & Richard Bargel performing “Mississippi Beat Part I” at Altes Pfandhaus, Cologne, Germany March 26, 2007. This video is authorized by Charlie Musselwhite.

CIGAR BOX GUITARS! Jeff Daniels w. The Ben Daniels Band, Nashville, TN

Jeff Daniels of The Newsroom, Dumb and Dumber, Good Night and Good Luck, Looper, State of Play, Traitor, Because of Winn Dixie, The Hours and countless other films… has found his real calling… MUSIC. Joining his son, Ben and his fine band, Jeff proves that he is the consummate entertainer.

Solo performance by Michael Montenegro

This performance by master puppeteer Michael Montenegro is a masterpiece of performance art – perhaps one of the more complex depictions of a puppeteer’s relationship with his puppet ever done. It’s also wonderfully funny.

Michael Montenegro, master puppeteer, at work

Our summer 2015 issue features a profile of Michael Montenegro. Considered one of the most innovative artists in the world of puppetry, his puppets seem thrown together in a rush, with a random mish-mash of material. Underneath the chaos, however, lies a careful purpose.

Papito and his 1957 Chevy

Jesus “Papito” Hernandez spent “his entire life” saving up$7,000 to buy this car. Then he spent 5 years reconstructing it. Watch him tell his remarkable story in our mini-documentary here.