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The Craftsmanship Initiative was founded, in 2015, to reclaim craftsmanship’s principles of excellence, beauty, and durability as a pathway to a more sustainable world. The flagship venture of the initiative (which operates as a non-profit) is our multimedia digital magazine, Craftsmanship, which offers most features free of charge, and free of ads. The magazine includes podcasts, films, photo galleries, and richly illustrated stories of artisans and innovators whose work informs our quest: to create a world built to last.

Throughout history, works of craftsmanship have always been defined by precision, integrity of purpose, and material economy. And the creators behind those works have been defined by their passion, their unusual level of skill, and their uncompromising standards. Today, these principles matter more than ever as we struggle with a consumer culture built around throw-away products and the stresses this has put on our environment and our local businesses. While most of us notice fine craftsmanship in acclaimed works such as a Stradivarius violin or a famous temple, craftsmanship’s timeless principles can, in fact, be found almost anywhere. They can be seen in disappearing traditional arts, and in efforts to preserve them; in manufacturing innovations that think about long-term needs instead of short-term profits; and in sustainably produced food, clothing, and other goods, the best of which are often found—used, and well-worn—at a local flea market.

In keeping with these values, all of us here at The Craftsmanship Initiative strive to meet the highest standards in everything we do. This includes developing skilled writers, photographers, and filmmakers who can dig deeply into any subject, find the timeless stories that lie inside them, and then share these tales in compelling ways. The mission driving this work is captured in our tagline: "Create a World Built to Last."

To maintain our independence, we are wholly financed by foundational grants and individual donations. Starting with our first issue, we have been proud to make our stories available to everyone at no charge, and with no distracting ads.  We hope to continue this tradition, but we can only do so with your support.  We therefore hope you will consider including us in your annual giving.

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