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Listen to “The Watchman of Lausanne”

Written by Michael Cervin
Narrated by LeRoy Graham

For more than six centuries, a lone figure—part guard, part human angel—has circled the bell tower every night in the Cathedral of Lausanne, calling out the hour. For the last 28 years, it’s been Renato Häusler’s turn. High above the ancient city, Häusler calls out the time five nights a week. “C’est le guet! Il a sonné dix…Il a sonné dix!” (It’s the night watch. It’s 10 o’clock. It’s 10 o’clock…).

Written by Michael Cervin

Introduction by Summer Brown

Narrated by Leroy Graham

Produced by Aaron Cundy

Music by Mike Snowden of “The Cigar Box Guitar Maker”

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