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Redesigning an Old Recipe: The School Lunch

Stereotypical school lunch fare (think fish sticks and frozen “pizza”) has been the butt of jokes for decades. It’s an industry ripe for change, and Chef Joan Gallagher is at the vanguard — blending culinary expertise with fresh, healthy, handmade food, and nutritional education — to transform the way students eat. photo by Jeff Greenwald…

Listen to “Can Japan’s Akiya Movement Rebuild Rural Communities?”

In Japan, an aging population, declining birthrate, and a concentrating of jobs in the major cities, has left rural areas across the Japanese countryside littered with abandoned houses—known as akiya, or “empty homes.” Now, a movement is on the rise to repurpose and enliven them with artistry and craft. 

Chef Nephi Craig: Decolonizing Recovery through Native Foodways

Chef Nephi Craig leveraged his twin passions for cooking and Native American food sovereignty to heal himself from substance abuse. Today he uses his personal experience—and his kitchen—to support other Native people who are recovering from addictions. photo by Ari Carter Craig When he was growing up on the White Mountain Apache and Navajo reservations…

The Healing Power of “Bello”

On the Northeastern coast of Italy, not far from such meccas of refinement as Bologna and Florence, an unusual drug treatment community named San Patrignano has grown and thrived for more than 40 years. The program’s methodology? Teach people who are struggling with addiction high-level artisanal skills, and slowly but surely, confidence and pride fill what was once a desperate void.


Introduction to “A Perfect Note: Café Jacqueline and The Art of the Soufflé”

Deep in San Francisco’s storied North Beach neighborhood, Jacqueline Margulis has been making soufflés for her café’s customers five nights a week for more than 40 years. Welcome to our story—and mini-documentary—on the only restaurant in the U.S. that specializes solely on this challenging but famously scrumptious symbol of French cuisine.


Listen to “A Black Entrepreneur Finds Her ‘Vegan Soul’ — in Idaho: a Craftsmanship Artisan Interview”

When Mae Gaines moved from Los Angeles, CA, to Idaho, she expected her life would be different. What she didn’t anticipate was the response when she opened Boise’s first — and only — vegan soul food restaurant. *Trigger warning: This episode contains an offensive racial slur, repeated by the interviewee as she describes a real-life…

Soul Food Gets the Vegan Treatment

Driven primarily by health, Black vegan restaurateurs are creating plant-based versions of soul food that avoid meat, salty fats, and other bodily evildoers, while still retaining the succulence and rich memories of those beloved old family recipes. And in some cases, the turn to the vegan lifestyle is also turning some lives around.


Listen to “The Healing Power of ‘Bello'”

On the Northeastern coast of Italy, an unusual drug treatment center uses craftsmanship — and the strength of community — to rehabilitate some of Europe’s most intractable drug addicts.

Listen to “Artisanal Homemade Bread Made Simple”

Confined to our homes during the Covid-19 quarantine, many of us have realized this is an ideal time to start baking our own bread. The idea has spread so fast that stores are running out of flour and yeast. But fear not. Resources abound for how to make your own yeast, and even your own…

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