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George Brudos

To all who endeavor in the hand made world of design and craft, I applaud you! Good health to you and your people, and long may your efforts endure. Submitted from the IP address

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Benjamin Gray

This website is my personal portfolio with sections on several of the areas I work in, including prop and costume design and fabrication, poetry, painting, woodwork/pipe making, and interactive design. Submitted from the IP address

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Claire Cuccio | WoodPaperHand

This is a massive but vital project. Congratulations for getting it off the ground. I've been observing how your overall mission has grown over recent years through your newsletter. Excellent. Also, n.b., I wanted to list the website: https://www.woodpaperhand.com, which…

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John C Campbell Folkschool

The John C Campbell Folkschool is a residential school for many kinds of craft subjects (plus music and dance, writing and cooking plus!) that has been teaching in a non competitive style for almost 100 years. Submitted from the IP…

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