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Galería Octágono

Octágono is a community development program including education, manual skills development, and sales opportunities for those involved. It was created in 2001 by textile artist, Silvia Piza-Tandlich. Its main goal is the development and use of manual skills through 100%…

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interrobang letterpress

30 years of genuine hand-and machine-set letterpress design and typography from an enormous collection of over 700 fonts of letterpress type and ornament. No plastic plates ever. Traditional skills and methods. Fine type, and fine paper well printed. Submitted from…

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Linecast typesetting for the letterpress crafts. Type in composition and ornament cast in unlimited quantities. From books to business cards and anything in between. Submitted from the IP address

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Amazar Avians

Please consider adding a category for craftspeople using Recycled materials - Creative ReUse Submitted from the IP address

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Beth Surdut | Art for the Mind & Body

Included at www.bethsurdut.com: The Art of Paying Attention: Intricate animal drawings and well-told stories www.payingattentiontonature.com or https://www.bethsurdut.com/critters.html Custom designed and hand-painted prayer shawls and healing scarves https://www.bethsurdut.com/custom-tallit-.html Glass mosaics, architecturalart glass https://www.bethsurdut.com/glass.html Submitted from the IP address

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