Craftsmanship Quarterly is the lead venture of The Craftsmanship Initiative. Our mission is to explore how the principles of master craftsmanship can inform the future of creativity, invention, and global sustainability.

We begin, in our magazine, with individuals who are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with their own two hands. Some of these people can be found in dusty, old-world shops scattered across the globe, others in gleaming laboratories and manufacturing plants chasing the newest of the new. Yet in each case, their work, and often their lives too, illuminate what we call the architecture of excellence.

That architecture arises, we’ve discovered, from a set of principles that often get forgotten these days. At its base is a deep well of knowledge, an eye for detail, and a commitment to quality before profit. It finishes with a capacity for shrewd experimentation and a determination, sometimes even an obsession, to create something, as the old saying goes, that is built to last.

This value system seems to matter today more than ever. As the U.S. has risen to become the world’s dominant economic model, it has also become its leading throwaway society. And our primary export, if anything, has been a consumer economy based on planned obsolescence.

We believe there is a way out of this downward spiral, and that promising routes are being found by the artisans and innovators in our pages. As you will see, their quests are at their best when they are marked by a respect for a master’s traditions of patience and perseverance; and by a faith in the enduring connection between functionality and beauty.

Craftsmanship Quarterly is a nonprofit publication of The Craftsmanship Initiative. Our fiscal sponsor is Independent Arts & Media, a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to support people and projects that build community through media and the arts.