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Sheltering At Home Creatively

As the Covid virus sweeps through one country after another, orders to shelter in place are forcing all of us into a worrisome period of isolation. At a time like this, staying connected to activities that inspire us and make our days meaningful can feel as important as avoiding illness. To that end, we dedicate this Covid-constrained issue to helping you become a master of creativity on two fronts–homemade bread, and the beauty that can grow in your own backyard.

Tips and Inspiration from England’s Great Dixter Gardens

Fergus Garrett, one of the world’s preeminent gardening experts, talks about the art of making fine gardens, and fine gardeners. His tips are drawn from his years managing Great Dixter House & Gardens, the famously gorgeous and uncommonly diverse set of gardens that lie just outside London.


Homemade Artisan Bread Made Simple

Confined to our homes during the Covid-19 quarantine, many of us have realized this is an ideal time to start baking our own bread. The idea has spread so fast that stores are running out of flour and yeast. But fear not. Resources abound for how to make your own yeast, and even your own flour.


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Story and Photography by CASEY O’BRIEN

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