Mail order gelato?


Whether it’s a comfortable chocolate-caramel, a more adventurous honey-lavender-earl grey, or even a gelato cocktail, you cannot deny the craving for true artisan gelato once it has blessed your taste buds.  If you’re in the states but find yourself too many miles from a good gelateria, you can use this list for some mail-order heaven.

What makes gelato truly authentic and artisan? We’re glad you asked. It’s not only the technique with which it is made but the ingredients as well. You won’t find any “semi-lavorati” (what the Italians call pre-mixed ingredients). Only purest of the pure: milk, cream, sugar, and real nuts, fruits, and or confections. In other words, no synthetic ingredients admitted here.

Capogiro Gelato
Stephanie Reitano is known for her intense commitment to crafting daily small batches. Based in Philadelphia, this gelato will grace you with classics like Stracciatella or Pistachio Gelato, or more herbacious selections like the Rosemary Honey Goat’s Milk.

Gelato Fiasco
Visit two locations in Maine or enjoy in your own home, Gelato Fiasco is the rediscovery of technique by Joshua Davis and Bruno Tropeano. Using milk from Maine family farms and real fruits and nuts, they strive for quality in their bold and intense flavors such as Aleppo Pepper Pumpkin and Balsamic Black Russian Tomato.

Taste Forte
This 2015 Men’s Health “Best Foods for Men” winner is based in Connecticut but happily ships nationwide. Founder Adrian Pace has quite a story when it comes to his gelato journey (six open-heart surgeries) but his inspiration has led him to produce four high protein flavors using rBST-free skim milk and cream, rBST-free milk proteins, organic agave nectar and cage-free egg yolks.

Il Laboratorio del Gelato
Check out the almost 200 flavors from this Manhattan custom “lab.” Jon Snyder opened this gelateria after he sold his successful Ciao Bella Gelato Company in SOHO. Beet, eggnog, hazelnut, fig, red bean, rootbeer… almost anything you can think of is here.

Dolcezza Gelato
This affordable option out of Washington, D.C. is also a popular coffee spot. Combining old-world methods and seasonal local ingredients this gelato factory also has five shops and is in numerous farmer’s markets.

Zingerman’s Creamery
If you’re looking for the ultimate custom gelato (right down to the labels on the packaging) you will find what you’re looking for – albeit with a higher price tag – from this Ann Arbor, Michigan based gelato maker. Select a base, flavors and mixables and then name your creation for your custom label and they’ll get right to work on your personalized gelato batch.
And if you’re wondering about those Gelato Cocktails mention earlier you can find recipes here:
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Published: December 1, 2016