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Listen to “Go-Go Music, with Shorty Corleone and Roy Battle”

Go-go music is a rhythm-heavy blend of funk, soul, and blues that is at the very heart of Washington, D.C.’s Black community. And while the style has been influencing Top 40 hits for decades, it’s little known outside the District. In this episode of Craftsmanship‘s Artisan Interviews, two key artists in the go-go scene, Shorty Corleone and Roy Battle, discuss go-go’s distinctive sound, growing up in the scene, and why a live show is not to be missed.

Written by Craftsmanship Editors

Introduction by Chris Egusa

Narrated by Craftsmanship Editors

Produced by Chris Egusa

Music by Shorty Corleone, Roy Battle, Rare Essence, Chuck Brown, Grover Washington, Jr., Killa Cal, Hot Cold Sweat, The Pure Elegance Band, TOB

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