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Portugal’s Azulejo Detectives

A small, quiet army of historians, scientists, and restoration experts are putting the pieces of Portugal’s past together again, one gorgeous tile at a time. Their efforts are being helped by a new generation of artists, who are starting to re-invent an art form that has defined Portuguese culture since the 13th century.

Story and Photography by CASEY O’BRIEN

Drugs and Rehab: Selected Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about drug addiction and the rehabilitation programs that try to fight it, it’s easy to become  overwhelmed by the myriad articles, books, and other resources on the topic. To simplify matters, here are five good places to start. This briefing paper from the New York-based Drug Policy Alliance looked at…

Portugal’s Path to Breaking Drug Addiction

While countries like the U.S.—and Italy (outside San Patrignano)—have struggled with drug addiction, Portugal has crafted some of the most effective treatment programs in the world. In some ways, its success begins with appreciating, and rebuilding, the layers in a person’s spirit. And be forewarned, the first step is very controversial: decriminalizing the drugs.


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