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Listen to “Argentina’s Textile Crusader”

If you want an unusually cozy scarf or sweater made of natural fiber, merino wool or alpaca are the usual choices. But what about the guanaco, the alpaca’s little-known cousin, which grows even finer fleece? For Adriana Marina, the guanaco’s time has come to be South America’s finest source for sustainable textiles.

Argentina’s Textile Crusader

Amidst the fashion world’s growing interest in the luxuriously soft fabric that can be made from South American camelids like alpaca, one member of this family with uncommonly fine fleece has been largely ignored: the guanaco, the alpaca’s feisty cousin. Enter Adriana Marina, who is fighting for the guanaco’s place on the commercial stage.


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Once upon a time, around 2014, Bob Kramer, a Master Bladesmith who had made his name by hand-forging some of the world’s finest kitchen knives, was itching for a new frontier. He wanted a project that had some local origins; the only problem was that the American Northwest, where he lived, never produced any iron.…

The Guanaco & South America: A Brief Resource Guide

If you’re looking for some eco-travel ideas that are outside the norm—and that might acquaint you with the guanaco, underappreciated producer of fine fleece—here are a few good places to start. To explore some of the guanaco’s territory, begin with Travel + Leisure‘s guide to visiting Patagonia in Chile and Argentina. For another way to see…

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