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Wendy Schuss

Wendy “Pepper” Schuss is a 12-year Navy veteran who grew up on Raritan Bay, in lower New York state, racing sailboats and admiring the visiting tall-ships as they made port in New Jersey from points abroad. Her childhood romanticism of the sea and its working craft has never left her — an ideal that has found a welcome home amongst the fleet of handcrafted wooden Whitehall rowboats at San Francisco’s Dolphin Swimming & Boating Club.

“Whitehall” is Schuss’s first film, and it premiered at the International Ocean Film Festival in early 2019. She now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works around the world as an unexploded ordnance disposal technician for various civilian contractors. Schuss’s newest project focuses on veterans, and the unlikely connection to sky sports as a form of therapy.

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