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Mikkel Aaland

Mikkel Aaland is a professional photographer and the author of 12 bestselling books on digital photography. Mikkel has regularly led photography workshops in the United States and Europe, and creates training videos in collaboration with Lynda.com and Adobe Press. He is the co-host of the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography held every spring in Kristiansund, Norway. His non-technical books include, “County Fair Portraits,” (for which he made an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman), “Sweat” (an illustrated tour of international bathing customs, culminating a three-year project), “The Sword of Heaven” (about the 6 years he spent documenting an international peace project), “Pilgrimage to Kailash,” and a recently published memoir, “The River in My Backyard.” He is based in San Francisco, California, and Telemark, Norway. His first book, “Sweat” (Capra Press, 1978), is currently being developed into a nine-part documentary series scheduled to stream in 2020: www.perfectsweatseries.com.

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