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Lynn Holstein

Lynn Holstein is a writer and administrator living in Israel. After earning her M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University, Lynn served in administrative posts in a number of educational and cultural institutions, including the Jewish Museum, the New York Zoological Society, the New York Public Library, Harvard University, the Isabella Stewart Garden Museum, the Israel Museum, and The New York Botanical Garden.

In 2000, she moved to Jerusalem, where she lived for four years while directing Israeli industrialist Stef Wertheimer’s initiative, the New Marshall Plan for the Middle East. Since 2007, she says, “I have shared both my work and my home life with him, helping him to promote his various programs. All are aimed at bringing peace to the region by educating skilled professionals, developing industrial parks, and creating jobs for all sectors of Israeli society.”

In 2015, Lynn revised Stef’s very successful autobiography, adapting it for an international English readership under the title, “The Habit of Labor.” Her book, “Transcending Tradition: 40 Artisans of Israel,” will be published in the fall of 2017 by Arnoldsche Art Publishers. My next book project will chronicle the challenges faced by women in the rapidly changing Bedouin communities of Israel’s Negev region.\

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