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Luisa Grosso

Luisa Grosso is an Italian author and director. She is a graduate of the DAMS — the Arts, Music, and Performing Arts department at the University of Bologna, Italy (which, being founded in 1088, is the world’s oldest university). Grosso co-directed “Slow Food on Film”, and has made several documentaries, including “A Country Called Po”, a journey along the Po river to discover artisans, nature, and music; “Cocktail Dionigi: A Life as a Philosopher”; and “Particular Signs”, which was shown at the Venice Film Festival. Grosso has also written and directed theatrical plays, some of which were co-directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci. Her publications include the novel “Miriam e la Geometria”, and the essay “Reality TV”, which won a RAI award for the best research project on mass communication.

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