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Gary Rogowski

Gary Rogowski gained a degree in literature from Reed College, then took his training straight to the quiet of a craftsman’s bench. A self-taught woodworker, he has designed and built furniture for 45 years, in Portland, Oregon, for private clients, galleries, and public commissions. In 1991, he won the Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship in Crafts. Six years later, he founded The Northwest Woodworking Studio, where he is the Director. Classes are now all online at Gary was a Contributing Editor for Fine Woodworking Magazine for fifteen years and the author of numerous articles, videos, and two books on woodworking. On a trip to Scotland, after the Icelandic volcano exploded, a flight delay left him with an unanticipated and very romantic vacation in Paris. Gary travels there frequently now to breathe in fresh old ideas and forms, some of which he wrote about for Craftsmanship Magazine. In 2015, Gary gave the Ecole-Boulle’s first conference in English on the subject of purpose vs. intention. Gary is the author of “Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction” (Linden Press, 2017), and continues to work on his novel about comedy and revenge. Follow Gary on Twitter at @GaryRogowski,

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