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Peggy Quinn Clay Studio

A Studio Potter creating fine works in clay both decorative and functional. Submitted from the IP address

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Claire Cuccio | WoodPaperHand

This is a massive but vital project. Congratulations for getting it off the ground. I've been observing how your overall mission has grown over recent years through your newsletter. Excellent. Also, n.b., I wanted to list the website:, which…

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Martha Owen

Garment Design from the sheep to the dye pot to the wheel to the needles. Production, Exhibition, Instruction and Demonstration. Submitted from the IP address

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Wood Song Canoes

ARTISAN - Philip A. Greene, DBA Wood Song Canoes since 1988. Located in rural Round O, South Carolina in the County of Colleton. VIEW WORK - While I no longer maintain a "real" website, much of my work can be…

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