Create a World Built to Last



We shine a light on people dedicated to reclaiming craftsmanship’s principles of excellence, beauty, and durability as a pathway to a better world.


What is Craftsmanship?

At its base, the term craftsmanship describes an object that has been made with the highest quality, by someone who fully understands the materials and techniques involved. On a higher level, craftsmanship is defined by the values that such work requires, such as precision, integrity, and durability—today more often called sustainability. These principles apply to any pursuit, from fashion to farming, from film to physics. Our goal is expand those connections.



Our flagship program, launched in 2015, is Craftsmanship Quarterly, a multi-media online magazine focusing on in-depth profiles of intriguing artisans and innovators across the globe. We develop partnerships with organizations that are dedicated to educating and supporting artisans; working toward environmental sustainability; and incorporating craftsmanship into healthy local economies.