Having trouble finding quality noir film titles? Curious to learn more? We’ve got you covered.


For fans of noir films, independently produced movies, or old films in general, it can be very complicated and even frustrating to find a place to rent or purchase good quality movies that will transmit all the charm and elegance of a classic film. Luckily we have a list of sites where you can find endless films!

If you are looking for a classic movie DVD, you can try any of the five sites below, which offer great restored films of high quality. All of them offer Manufactured-on-Demand old film noir titles online for purchase. 

Another option is subscribing to FilmStruck, a new classics streaming service by Turner Classic Movies and The Criterion Collection. On FilmStruck, you have access to a curated and constantly refreshed library, rare footage and special features at anytime and anywhere.


  • Learn more about the Film Noir Foundation’s latest activities, restoration projects, and noir-themed events. This website is chockfull with special content, including videos of Eddie Muller’s interviews, details for the ever-expanding Noir City film festival, and interviews from the Noir City e-magazine.
  • If you want to see other classic films restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive on the big screen, check their calendar for the “UCLA Festival of Preservation.” They’ve also made some extraordinary and rare collections available to watch online, including newsreels, silent films, and historic footage of world events originally broadcast on radio and television.
  • To learn more about the longevity of movies in the digital era, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences commissioned a free, downloadable scientific survey, “The Digital Dilemma2,” published in 2007.
  • If you want to learn more about the many film collections around the world, start with the International Federation of Film Archives, the umbrella organization that will link you to the resources in your community.
  • Finally, check out the National Film Preservation Board, which works to ensure the survival of America’s film heritage. Their website, a division of the U.S. Library of Congress, is a portal to a wide world of film education, resources, preservation projects, and more. Also, the Library of Congress has made thousands of its archived films available online, so don’t wait any longer and check that out as well.

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Published: November 30, 2016