Sources on toy and puppet theatre


For Craftsmanship’s Summer issue, I profiled an unusual puppet maker and performer named Michael Montenegro, in an article entitled, “The Puppeteer”. As it turns out, the puppet and toy theatre worlds share a lot of common ground – sometimes performing at the same festivals, and being active in the same organizations.  Here, then, are some sources for both endeavors:

The The National Puppetry Festival: Visit the website.
In Berlin it is Papier Theatre: Visit the website.

For info on the Papier Theater Festival: Visit the website.

In the Netherlands: Visit the website.

A U.S. blog on Toy Theater: Visit the website.

Great Small Works: Visit the website.

Toy Theater fans also belong to this group of puppeteers. (Often, the two interest groups combine.): Visit the website.

Toy theater is also part of the Chicago International Puppet Festival: Visit the website.

Some beautiful toy theatre sets on Pinterest: Visit the website.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has a department called the Museum of Childhood and has information and links to toy theater. And people can purchase toy theater elements at the museum as well. Visit the website.

And some additional sources, some to help you create your own toy theatres:

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Published: December 1, 2016