The World of Cartooning


With each issue of The New Yorker, Bob Mankoff, the magazine’s legendary cartoon editor, publishes “From the Desk of Bob Mankoff,” an explanation of his cartoon choices for each issue. Many of these include a delightful, fully produced video of his conversations with cartoonists and others (including the audience), which offer valuable insights into what he looks for.

1. All of this can be found here:

2. Here is a “Ted Talk” by Mankoff entitled, “Anatomy of a New Yorker Cartoon”

3. Here is an online Cartoon Museum in Britain explaining the history of cartoons as well as examples for cartoon history enthusiasts:

4. A brief history of the American political cartoon, citing Ben Franklin’s “Join or Die” drawing of a snake as the first American political cartoon:

5. If you want to follow Ken Krimstein (“The Left-Handed Cartoonist”), you can find him:

  • on Instagram at: krimsteincartoons
  • via twitter and Pinterest: @kenkrim

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Published: December 1, 2016