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The Book Doctor


Master book restorer Pietro Livi couldn’t find the right equipment to save large numbers of Italy’s priceless, flood-damaged texts....

The Violins of Cremona

By Craftsmanship Quarterly

Since the 16th century, Cremona’s luthiers—including Stradivari himself—have been using a particularly resonant wood from Paneveggio, known as...

Master of The Chair

By Craftsmanship Quarterly

In this short video, we watch Boggs use (and discuss) his wood rail bender, which does the work that normally requires two or three people. After...

Stairway to Heaven

By The Prince's Foundation

The Minbar of Salah ad Din, a mosque in Jerusalem, has been one of the most famous examples of Islamic architecture and design in the Islamic...

The Intelligent Hand

By Trevor Marchand

While students at The Building Crafts College of East London work, they tell Trevor Marchand, an anthropologist, why craftsmanship matters to them....

The Future Is Handmade

By Maikel Kuijpers

A Dutch archaeologist finds artisans and thought leaders who are redefining craft, skill and, ultimately, the real meaning of a knowledge...

Tour guide: Hugo Kohl

By Craftsmanship Quarterly

Through years of painstaking, costly, and often fruitless detective work, Hugo Kohl has rescued an era of early American jewelry manufacturing...

Bob Dewhurst: Vintage Sign Painter

By Craftsmanship Quarterly

Once a disappearing breed, painters of hand-made signs are enjoying a small renaissance. Bob Dewhurst demonstrates his work and lets us visit his...

Papito and his 1957 Chevy

By Craftsmanship Quarterly

Jesus “Papito” Hernandez spent his “entire life” saving up $7,000 to buy this car. Then he spent 5 years reconstructing it. Watch him tell his...

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