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Fall 2020

The Magic of Wood

For thousands of years, wood has been a mainstay for humankind’s creations—for our tools and homes, as well as the beds we sleep in and the chairs we sit on; for early weapons and, to this day, musical instruments; for our gardens and fences and our works of art. Sometimes we’ve honored this magical material, which assumes massive size and strength from nothing but a seed that’s fed by dirt, water, and sun. And sometimes we’ve abused it. This issue, we hope, will do justice to all of wood’s twists and turns.

Fall 2020

Brian Boggs, Master of The Chair

Brian Boggs is a fine furniture maker in Asheville, N.C., and he just can’t seem to leave a good idea alone. The result has been a lifetime of tinkering and experimentation, leading to a line of innovative woodworking tools, and some of the world’s finest, and most comfortable, hardwood chairs.


Other Topics In This Issue

Winter 2020, Fall 2020

Italy’s Endangered Violin Forest

Since the 16th century, Cremona’s luthiers—including Stradivari himself—have been using an unusually resonant wood from Paneveggio, known as Italy’s “violin forest,” to handcraft the world’s finest string instruments. Then a 2018 storm decimated the forest. A band of experts in Cremona is now rallying to save this iconic tradition. A documentary short.


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