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CRAFTSMANSHIP Quarterly is determined to remain free of charge, to allow as many people as possible to have access to our material. To do this, we are seeking sponsors and partnerships, in a variety of forms, with like-minded companies and organizations. If you or your company are dedicated to the principles of craftsmanship, would like to help foster tomorrow’s generation of master artisans and innovators, and be listed in the magazine accordingly, please let us know.


Almost everyone knows of at least a few interesting, unsung craftsmen or craftswomen. If you think their skills are exceptional–and, better yet, if their personal stories seem remarkable–please tell us about them.  They might make wonderful profiles in our pages. If none come to mind, think about your most treasured possessions—an unusually comfortable pair of dress shoes, perhaps; a favorite hat, cooking pan, or pocket knife; or an old sewing machine that you inherited from your grandmother. These goods usually involve some craftsmanship that has stood the test of time for interesting reasons. And that’s often a story worth tracking down.  We’d love to hear about these ideas, or any other issues related to craftsmanship, mastery, and the future of quality.


Most stories published in CRAFTSMANSHIP range from lengths of 2,000 to 3,500 words. For those that focus on a fascinating main character, explore a field that is relatively undiscovered, and offer a broader social argument, ideally with some drama, we are happy to go longer, often exceeding 5,000 words. Our subjects tend to be extremely visual, so we  regularly feature photo essays, along with videos of our masters whenever possible.

Our stories are edited according to normal journalistic standards, and include fact checking.  We pay market rates, with fees dependent on the experience of the writer and the level of reporting the story involves.

Submissions can be sent as a fully written article or, preferably, as a query summary of your idea.  Those in the form of a query must include links to other published material by the author.

We look forward to hearing from you.