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Hopeful Answers for a Climate Heavy News Week

By Todd Oppenheimer | August 11, 2017

The news cycle has been overwhelmed this week by reminders of climate change’s impacts, both projected and immediate. Almost immediately…

Love Your Food? 5 Reasons You Should Cook in Clay Pots

By Todd Oppenheimer | August 9, 2017

In our Summer Issue, we have a fascinating article on the mystique of cooking in clay. It may seem to…

Do-It-Yourself Gelato: How to Attempt the Sweetest Craft at Home

By Todd Oppenheimer | August 5, 2017

By Stella Lemper-Tabatsky, an undergraduate student in her 4th year at University of Pennsylvania.  Stella is an intern at Writer’s Grotto,…

What’s with all These Summer Beer Gardens?

By Todd Oppenheimer | July 31, 2017

By Will Callan: Writer, runner, and cold water swimmer, living in Oakland, California.   As we pass through midsummer, it’s…

The Winter of Our Disagreement? Has Trust Disappeared?

By Todd Oppenheimer | July 18, 2017

We welcome Stella Lemper-Tabatsky as a guest blogger. Stella is an undergraduate student from New York City, entering her fourth…

The Craftsmanship of Riding Waves

By Todd Oppenheimer | July 12, 2017

Three Surfboard Shapers That Handcraft The Perfect Ride An open azure sky. Wind-sculpted waves crashing at their peaks. The scent…

5 Street Artists Proving Calligraphy is Thriving in the Modern World

By Todd Oppenheimer | June 28, 2017

Image: Neils ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Village Underground, Moniker Arts Fair, 2012, London. When you hear the word “calligraphy,” what comes to…

Climate Change Fixes Start With Us

By Todd Oppenheimer | June 2, 2017

Change never happens from a top-down mandate of any single individual. Change begins as local actions by individuals who are…

Reflections on a Craftswoman

By Todd Oppenheimer | May 10, 2017

We welcome our first guest blogger, Rashid Darden, novelist, teacher, and National President of Gamma Xi Phi, www.gammaxiphi.com. Rashid originally…

Why the Art of the Word is More Important Than Ever

By Todd Oppenheimer | April 19, 2017

Wired Magazine, UK, recently published an interesting article, “Humans May Speak a Universal Language.” The article explores how the sounds we…

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Janara Nerone: Thanks for turning me on to your magazine! I really enjoyed this article (Bonsai Kid.) What an inspiring artist. I hope to have a tree again someday!

Jane Wildey Vuille: In an age of disposable everything, it is good to know that there is an industry such as this. I wish we could return to more craftsmanship.

Vintage.axe.restoration: What a story! (The Wootz Hunter Documentary.) A must watch for everyone. Thank you for sharing this.


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In our second look at  The Craft of Community we explore "The Architecture of Trust" in a story written by Michael Erard, an expert in linguistics. This story is a sophisticated look at public gatherings for "civic dialogues" that might rebuild the bridge between today's opposing political camps.

And, on a lighter note, our other topics story offers a little help with your holiday shopping. In "Led By The Nose," Barbara Tannenbaum dives into the rich new world of indie perfumes. In a story that is entertaining, surprising, and revealing she discovers a wealth of scents that the big perfume houses have long ignored.

There will be more stories coming soon. So check back regularly...

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LISTEN TO OUR ARTICLES. We are working with San Francisco’s American Contemporary Theater (A.C.T.), and their MFA students, to bring you a number of narrated articles. We will be launching our first audio articles in the next few months.

THE CRAFTSMANSHIP MAP. Many of you have asked us about work-shops, studios, and schools where you can learn a craft or hone skills in your chosen craft. While doing our research, we discovered that a comprehensive source for this information does not yet exist. So, we are setting out to create one. We will bring you more details soon.