Your Signature, Your Identity

By Gaynor Strachan Chun
By Gaynor Strachan Chun

We spend a lot of time typing these days, which isn’t really writing in the traditional sense. Yet even for the most keyboard obsessed, our signatures remain one of the few things we make by hand on a regular basis. And if you’ve ever read or heard the many quips about handwriting analysis, you know that signatures are an important part of your identity.

Not surprisingly, even companies have signatures — their logos. So, when it came to redesigning the logos for our two ventures — Craftsmanship Quarterly and its new umbrella organization, The Craftsmanship Initiative — we did not take this task lightly. First, we explored many options in computer-generated fonts and typography. But none of them sat right with us. Something was missing.

And then it struck us. Using a stock font did not fit or represent our character, which borrows from the finest traditions of the past to take creativity into the future. In an effort to do justice to our ambitious personality, our design partner, Ish Obregon, a craftsman in his own right, decided to hand make our logo. Here is the video of him drawing it. Once the logo was created by hand, Todd Oppenheimer, our Executive Director, and an amateur calligrapher, decided to try his hand at the tagline in Copperplate.

As soon as we saw the results, we were sold on the idea and what it expressed about our commitment to craftsmanship. With all the elements in hand, our design team, using technology as their tool, brought it all together to form one cohesive look, which we believe speaks volumes about our endeavors. We hope you agree

If you want to find out more about the history of signatures and what your signature says about you, here are two good short and sweet resources: And, for a fun cheat sheet, see the list below, borrowed from “What Does Your Signature Say about Your Personality,” The Daily Mail, London, 2016.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Spring Issue of Craftsmanship Quarterly: The Art of The Word. In it we reveal stories that explore the nuances of human culture, from The Architecture of Trust to the way we use and shape language

What Does Your Signature Say About Your Personality:

  • Illegible letters = Quick mind, mental agility
  • Legible = Open and straightforward person
  • Easy to read first name but hard to read last name = Places importance on personal accomplishments, and easily approachable
  • No underline = Prefers to let personal achievements speak for themselves
  • Underline = Sense of self importance
  • Closing flick or line at end = Drive and determination, proactive
  • Sharp lines = Impatient and aggressive
  • Upward slope= Sense of ambition, a tendency to look towards the future (the more slanted the more ambitious)
  • Downward slope = Pessimist, cautious in meetings, weighs risk
  • Rising-up only towards the end = Sense of optimism
  • Slant towards the right = Outgoing persona
  • No slant = Balanced
  • Nickname = Independent, confident in own abilities
  • Initials only = Private person
  • No dot on ‘i’ = Reluctant to dwell on small details, a bigger picture person
  • Open ‘o’or ‘a’ = Collaborative nature, desire to share ideas
  • Pronounced capital letters = Confidence, strong sense of self-worth, perhaps arrogant
  • No surname = relaxed approach to business
  • Full stop = strong character in business
  • Straight letters = Precise and meticulous attention to detail
  • Scribbled = sharp intelligence and busy lifestyle
  • Large, swooping letters = Extrovert, confident
  • Highly stylized = creative flair, likes to make a statement
  • Flamboyant first letter = Strives to make presence felt.

    Your Signature, Your Identity

    Collecting the autograph of our favorite musician, actor, or athlete can be a thrill. It is part of their identity.

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