Climate Change Fixes Start With Us

By Amy Adams
By Amy Adams

Change never happens from a top-down mandate of any single individual. Change begins as local actions by individuals who are determined to find solutions for our challenges.

The decision by The White House to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement has galvanized those fighting climate change. Let’s be inspired by these men and women who are working tirelessly to find solutions to our climate challenges.

To celebrate these inspiring individuals, we have released a Special Collection of Craftsmanship Quarterly stories highlighting environmental innovators who are working tirelessly; using their ingenuity, patience, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to fuel their efforts. Read the stories here .

Climate change is not a left or right issue. It is a HUMAN issue. Join us and the growing number of communities, states, and companies across the country, and the globe, committed to creating a world built to last.

Be inspired. Take heart. Do what you can to create a world built to last.

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